Bulk Collection Services for Multifamily Developments & Public Events



TRASHBUSTERS Disposal & Recycling offers the best valet trash service and the most resident-accessible Blue Bag Recycling program anywhere! Serving multi-family, apartment and condominium communities in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio and Houston areas.

~ We’re Recycling with YOU~

Congratulations Managers & Residents! Our Recycling dump weights have continued to grow. Since 2016, we have recycled over 1.5 million POUNDS WOW, WOW, AND WOW! The progress from each community continues to impress us daily! Trashbusters’ continued success wouldn’t be possible without the dedication from each one of our AMAZING Managers.

Thank you!​

Trashbusters Forms

We have made trash & recycling communication with your residents easy! We will send you personalized letters & flyers. Use the contact form on this page to request any resident letters or “What to Recycle” pages.

New Properties- We have the City of Fort Worth Recycling Program Application ready for you! Just call or e-mail for this form.

23 Years In Business & COUNTING!

Join Us As We Are Celebrating 23rd Years In Business! We Couldn’t Do It Without All Of Our Amazing Property Managers!

Need More Blue Bags?

Blue Bag refill requests- Feel free to contact Brittny or Mark for Blue Bag refill request. You can use the form below, e-mail brittny@trashbustersdfw.com or call 817-929-4665 or 682-444-2303.

Direct Office Communication For Community Managers